Alexander Technique

Unlock Yourself. That is what you will learn as an Alexander Technique student. Alexander Technique has numerous applications such as reducing back, neck and other body pain, improving coordination in all activities, reducing strain, treating fibromyalgia, voice work and playing musical instruments(to name a few).

I am Doug Shenefield a certified Alexander Technique teacher. I graduated in 2003 from ATILA (Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles) Santa Monica. For my post-graduate work, I was on staff at GMSAT (Alexander Training Institute) Vienna, Austria. My studio is in beautiful San Juan Capistrano in south Orange County, CA about half a mile from the I-5 and Ortega Highway.

I have also had training in Massage Therapy, Acupressure and Johrei. While all these therapies were helpful to my clients, I felt that none addressed the underlying causes. They all addressed the symptoms in a therapeutic model, fostering the attitude of 'fix me'. In the Alexander Technique I recognize a very different approach from the therapy model using an educational model instead.

An educational model teaches you to become aware of your habits of movement, and the underlying attitudes that drive them. These unseen habits are the major cause of stress and strain, along with the painful symptoms and injuries that accompany them. Through your awareness, you can prevent them.

There is a moment, between stimulus and response. It is usually filled by our unconscious habits which is a form of slavery. Freedom of movement and attitude can be obtained by becoming aware at this moment between stimulus and response. The ability to consciously choose the response to a stimulus is freedom.

Through observation, verbal instruction and a light guiding touch, I teach you to recognize your habits of movement and expose the underlying attitudes that create the unconscious stimulus-response syndrome. This opens an inward place of choice, allowing deep changes to occur.

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